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Dramatic Play

An area where children can create their own plays, express themselves, role play
and build social and cooperation skills.

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Science / Nature Play

An area where children learn best through hands-on exploration exploring their
senses by listening, feeling and testing. Developing discrimination skills, exploring
cause and effect and developing imaginative play.

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Sensory / Art Play

​Hands-on activities with a variety of mediums, enhancing children's imagination,
creating their own art, developing motor control and eye-hand coordination.
Learning about things by touching, smelling, seeing and hearing them.

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Physical Activity Play

Opportunities to help children focus on body awareness, balance and foot position.
Many of the activities are designed to improve children’s large muscular

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Cognitive / Manipulative

An area where children are given opportunities and learning experiences
to work with their hands, putting together and taking apart objects,
developing small muscle control, and eye –hand coordination, matching,
fitting things into each other, stacking and knocking things down. Learn
number recognition and counting

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Circle Time ​/ Language Development

A time when children reflect and opportunity for Literacy, Nursery Rhymes, Music
& Movements, Cognitive development with exposure to numbers, colours, shapes
and letters, Cooperative games. Circle activities are also a time for important social
interactions among young children. It helps develop positive relationships between
kids through engaging and fun activities.